Devon Drake, Cornerback (First & Ten Series, Book 4)


When Stormy Gregory’s best friend gives her a way out of her abusive relationship, she takes her up on her offer of a place to live at a shelter for abused women. With a fresh start and a new outlook on life, she pays it forward by helping out at a charitable event, never expecting to run into the childhood crush that broke her heart. Devon Drake, with his pro-football career and supermodel girlfriend, seems to have the perfect life. However, when he runs into Stormy, his so-called ideal life has him taking a good, hard look at his flawless existence. 


This combination of sports and romance is a delightful tale of second-chance love. The fourth book in the “First & Ten Series,” it stands alone, although due to its inclusion of multiple characters from the previous books, the reader might be distracted without a better understanding of the background story. The characters are likeable, but the plot jumps around at times, interrupting the flow and making it disjointed. Romance lovers might find the technical football detail disconcerting; however, it is obvious the author did not skimp on research. Nevertheless, readers will find this love story filled with romance, drama, and witty dialogue quite enjoyable and to their liking. Sport fans, as well as romance lovers, will enjoy following this couple on their journey to happily ever after.


Janna Shay