Destination Wedding


When his identical twin brother approaches him on the plane and asks him to switch seats and pretend he’s Drew because the woman next to him is afraid of flying and is panicking, Luke thinks nothing of it. Then he sees her and she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever met. He ends up kissing her… and she thinks he’s Drew!

Kate Ashby’s job as a wedding planner means she travels a lot. But her fear of flying never abates. Luckily, this time around, she meets the most incredible man, but he disappears before she can ask how to get in touch.  Not expecting to see him ever again, she’s shocked when she discovers Drew is the groom at the wedding she’s planning! The charming, cheating scumbag! To make things even more complicated, she soon meets and is also attracted to Drew’s twin, Luke. One thing’s for sure-it’s going to be a most interesting wedding!

Hilarious is the word of the book! Robyn Neeley weaves a fun, sweet story that will leave no one unaffected! All the characters feel solid and just invite a reader to love them. Even the things that didn’t quite work-Luke’s out of character scheming and the rushed nature of the relationship - had the purpose of propelling the story forward and painting an idyllic ending. If this book was a movie, it would be the one to see with friends, when looking for a good time! All in all, a laugh-out-loud treat for everyone looking for sweet, relaxing entertainment. Enjoy!

Mimi Smith