Desert Rose

J. Arlene

Men love Rose Badger, and she has no intentions of settling down. She enjoys her flirtations and easy conversations with the men of Blake’s Folly, Nevada, and if the other inhabitants don’t approve, she could care less. Jonah Livingston never expected to meet someone like Rose in a semi-ghost town, and while he is certain that their attraction is mutual, he’s already got one failed relationship behind him. Both Rose and Jonah have secret lives, so it’s a good thing that secrets are excellent protection against love…right?

“Desert Rose” is a delightful and charming read with bold characters that easily draw readers into their story. The story is fast-paced but a bit too short to do the heroine or the relationship building between Rose and Jonah justice. Rose is a fun, vivacious and flirty character that readers can’t help but enjoy along with the men of the story. But the romance of the story stays in question throughout keeping readers guessing whether Jonah and Rose will get together or if Rose will stay with her beaus. There is also the question of the hero and heroine’s secrets to keep the story wonderfully suspenseful while being a lot of fun as well. The author really brings the town of Blake’s Folly and its inhabitants to life, and their story manages to be entertaining and emotional at the same time, making this a wonderful feel-good romance readers can really relish!

E.L. Hurley