Denim & Diamonds


A whole year on a ranch. It may seem like fun to some, but for a big city lawyer, it’s a daunting task—especially when the fate of said ranch lies solely in her hands. Beth is stubborn and determined to see to the success of the ranch, but can’t help but feel a bit of angst toward it. After all, her absentee father is the one who willed it to her. She must admit, though, that a certain ranch foreman makes the work a little easier to bear. 


Skeptical would be a mild word for Beau’s feelings concerning the new boss lady. She’s never visited the ranch or shown any interest whatsoever for the man who built it from nothing—the man who took him under his wing when no one else would give him a chance. Well, he won’t leave the fate of this ranch to some indifferent lawyer. He’ll have to take its fate into his own hands. 


“Denim & Diamonds” is a refreshing ride through the countryside for any western lover. The environment is believable and heartwarming and the characters feel like members of the family. Unfortunately, disconnected plot and sub-plot lines felt like a scattered buckshot blow to the flow of the book—severely stunting its potential. The writing is quick and engaging, but its varied holes cause too many distractions. Doggonit! This book definitely has the guts to be a five star read. With the help of a thorough content editor, it could be.      


Sofia St. Angeles