Delicious Deception (Tough Love Series #3)


Conner Rikeland, a Detroit chef from a very well known elite restaurant was not getting the acknowledgment or promotion to Executive Chef like he felt he deserved. He decides to interview with the restaurants of the river boat casino scene in Louisiana. That’s where trouble finds him and he cannot escape quickly enough. He lands deep in a bayou area and happens upon a restaurant where he quickly learns he can be a huge asset to Emily Kate Beaudreax, who inherited her Paw Paw’s restaurant and is now losing her chef. Conner is in a major bind and hopes he can make a few bucks and keep moving to get home and away from the men that seem to be catching up to him at every turn.


“Delicious Deception” starts out with action-packed suspense. The circumstances aren’t quite clear until the end but the flow and plot of this book will keep readers glued until the finish. The hero and heroine seem like a flimsy fit that may be short lived and burn out fast, but the story keeps twisting and turning and readers will be cheering them on in hopes they can keep the steamy romance going strong. The southern details and language with detailed descriptions are fun and create great visuals for readers to feel plunked down in the middle of the marshy south. Witty banter and quick thinking keep this tale fun and moving. This book stands alone; however with this much entertainment, readers may need to read the series!


Viola Robins