Deeper Than Love


Ciara Moore fled New York after being accused of embezzlement. Her lover, Wyatt Marcum, who is the CEO of the company, has searched for her for months. When he finally finds out where she is, he immediately heads to the seaside resort she's now managing. When she disappeared, Wyatt was going through some serious issues within his company. He needs to hear from Ciara why she left and also find the people who stole from his company. Wyatt knows that Ciara is going to be difficult to convince, she will have built an emotional wall around herself, and it's going to be hard to knock it down.

This book combines action and a love story rolled into one. There is corporate greed and a mystery concerning who was responsible for the embezzlement. Electric sexual tension between Wyatt and Ciara is sizzling, and the passion between them is red hot. Despite the lack of description in some parts of the book, it makes up for it with a gripping storyline. Well suited to those who enjoy some action with their romance, “Deeper Than Love” pulls readers into the pages and keeps them gripped there, ensuring they're along for a very fun ride. Becky Barker has written an awesome all-rounder, and it will be good to read more of her work both past and in the future. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick