Date Night (Wish Come True Series, #1)


Jordan Billette has achieved many milestones that her father, who passed away when she was eight years old, never got to see. By creating a special scrapbook with her Granny to document her memories, Jordan has made the most of preserving her father’s memory. However, once Granny is diagnosed with aggressive cancer and given a short time to live, Granny has one wish: to see Jordan walk down the aisle. There’s only one problem—Jordan isn’t even dating anyone, much less engaged. Granny has a plan, though; she sets Jordan up for a dating service to find Mr. Right. 


JT Murphy has been best friends with Jordan’s older brother Jared since childhood - which is why knowing that Jordan is off-limits has been especially difficult. When he is forced to witness every date that Jordan goes on to find a husband, he finds he is unable to ignore his growing attraction for Jordan—in fact, he’s falling in love. Can JT put aside all of his hang ups about dating Jordan in an effort to take a chance on true love? Will Jordan make it down the aisle in order to keep her family happy—and more importantly, with whom? 

Although this is a sweet, quick and satisfying read, the story takes a minute to get into. At first read, many readers may feel lost as they try to find the dynamics of the plot and find themselves struggling to make sense of the storyline. Once well into the story, however, the pieces come together, and readers will quickly engage with JT and Jordan’s love story. 

Mia Francis