Dare to Love (Iron Rogue #1)


Tori is the hot blonde wearing the ‘Rock Band News’ t-shirt. Great! Noah King and his band, Iron Rogue, have a quick interview scheduled with her after their concert. Then they can be on their way to their hometown in Iowa for a much-needed break. When their interview is cut short Tori is desperate to get the scoop on the secret meaning of the band’s lyrics. She gives security the slip and ends up near their limo. Hastily she jumps in the trunk, rides to the airport, and manages to slip on the plane unnoticed. She is determined, even if it gets her arrested, to get the scoop. Noah and the guys finally discover her courageous feat and cannot believe she has gotten this far. Noah cannot believe she has a certain affect on him. Will they give her the exclusive story or send her on her way?

Ms. Sullivan has penned a hot and heavy story that rock and roll fans will love! “Dare to Love” will grab at the reader's heartstrings. Tori tends to do things in a bit of a hasty manner, however readers will love her perseverance. The supporting characters round out the story and the real life family drama add to the tender place this story takes readers. Although the love seems too fast and furious to be realistic, many will appreciate the love story as it develops. The overall plot and flow of the story is very well written. Multiple hurts and losses are portrayed along the way, yet readers are gifted with a red bow around a very satisfying ending!

Viola Robins