Danny's Girl (Rainbow Rock Romances, Book 8)


Manon DuPre is desperate to get away from her stalker ex. When Danny Sherwood, an Arizona Highway trooper, pulls her over for speeding, she’s certain her ex will catch up any minute. Danny grew up to be a protector and his instincts scream that Manon needs help. Manon doesn’t know what to do with the handsome patrol officer who helps her get a job and hide, but she knows he can’t possible love her after everything she’s been through, right? Danny can’t stop thinking about the beautiful Manon: he’s falling hard, but surely someone as smart as she is wouldn’t want a humble guy like him. Regardless, he’s determined to keep her safe, which is important since Manon’s ex is on her trail and he’s not willing to give her up yet.


Another addition to the “Rainbow Rock Romances” series, Danny has seen many friends and family find love, but when he finds it on the highway he discovers love isn’t so easy. The romance between Danny and Manon jumps off the page. The abuse and resulting trauma Manon suffered with her ex make the reader sympathize, and her recovery with professional help is realistic. The cast of characters are quirky and fun and readers will be upset only that the next book isn’t out yet, or rejoice because there are so many more to read prior to this installment!. The only downside is the quick resolution with the ex, although many might feel he got what he deserved.


Sarah E. Bradley