A Dangerous Recipe for Love (Book 2, The Sandy Bay Series)


Tessa and her best friends plan to visit Boston with invitations to attend an exclusive club. Tessa makes eye contact with a handsome man across the room. Little does she know he is Carter, part of the DiCenzo crime family and this is his club. After Tessa fights with a too amorous drunk, Carter brings her up to his penthouse. After a hot and heavy night, Tessa goes back home and Carter keeps thinking about her, even though he is engaged to DiCenzo’s daughter. Tessa learns she is pregnant, and she decides to keep the baby. She calls Carter, but his fiancée answers. This is the first she has heard of Carter’s engagement. She hangs up, now knowing she is destined to be a single mother. So why does the engaged Carter come looking for her?

A thought-provoking story, told from the viewpoints of Carter and Tessa, displays the conflict of interest Carter is tangled up in when he realizes he cares for Tessa and cannot abide his fiancée.  There is a plethora of characters in this story, but only Carter and Tessa stand out. Yet, neither of them has real depth and are both fairly one-dimensional. Nevertheless, this is an otherwise interesting tale. The plotline is predictable and the climax feels as though it was thrown in last minute. With a little polish, this tale would shine like the gem it has the potential to be. The world building is fantastic as one is transported to Sunflower Farm where most of the action takes place. One can almost smell the baked goods as they come out of the oven!

Belinda Wilson