Danger Close (The Echo Platoon Series, Book 1)


MILITARY:  Madison Scott, the daughter of an oil tycoon, majored in Global and Environmental Studies in college and believes she can make a difference in the world. She’s positive she can protect the last agricultural frontier from her family-owned oil wells and is certain her late activist mother would approve. However, she’s thwarted by Navy SEAL Sam Sasseville, who is ordered to repeatedly rescue her. When circumstances throw them together, Sam and Maddy find they are very much alike and very attracted to each other. When push comes to shove, Sam is faced with the difficult decision of choosing to love Maddy and her ideals or walk away with his.


This military romance starts off running and doesn’t stop until the very end! With a constant stream of danger, intrigue, and suspense, the reader is kept on the edge of the seat and compelled to rapidly turn the pages. There are a couple of instances where decisions were made that one would not expect from a seasoned Navy SEAL, and the use of military abbreviations are a little distracting.  However, with danger lurking around every corner, the reader soon forgets these issues to focus on the story line. While the characters are all strong personalities, they are likeable and engaging, making the plot move effortlessly.


This suspenseful novel with its elements of danger, terrorism, and environmentalism, weaves seamlessly together with the romance, sizzling chemistry, and sensual bedroom scenes to deliver a fast-paced, riveting romance that engages the reader and has them cheering for the good guys and the happily ever after. An excellent read for romance and suspense readers alike. 


Janna Shay