Dancing in the Dark


Matt Kincaid takes a leave from his covert job for the CIA and returns to his home town for some R&R.  When he arrives at his mother's house, he finds the power out and a stranger in the house.  He soon discovers it’s Janey Blackmon - the girl he abandoned on her Prom night ten years ago.  Janey has never forgotten Matt, or her feelings for him, and now she needs his help. Her brother JP is missing and only Matt can help him find him.  He offers his help to Janey, all the while knowing he can’t divulge government information.  While the phone service and the power is out, the passion between them sizzles and Matt decides to give her the Prom night he couldn’t, long ago.

“Dancing in the Dark” is a short prequel to “In the Arms of a Stranger”. Ms. Kelly has ramped up the sexual tension and heat in this novella. While she has done a great job with the characters themselves, 52 pages long doesn’t give much time for a gripping story. It really doesn’t set the stage for JP’s story either, it focuses most on the passion between Matt and Janey. Hot, lusty, and sexy, this prequel still sizzles, leaving one wanting to know more about Matt, Janey and JP.

Tonya Smalley