To Dance One More Day


Jillian Russell has survived personal tragedy by devoting herself to her ballet school and company. She has no time to date and certainly no time for the handsome doctor who seems to think he can fix everything in her life. Alan Armstrong is a trauma surgeon with a plan. He’s set on helping the rural communities in need of more doctors. However, meeting Jillian and helping her finance her school throws Alan off track and makes him think that maybe he needs to change his priorities. Despite the troubles they are both struggling with, their attraction could be the very thing to help them move forward, if they let it.


A fantastic contemporary romance, “To Dance One More Day” combines personal tragedy with growth spurred by romance. Jillian and Alan are normal people with dreams and goals that can’t be achieved alone. The romance between them is sweet and grows steadily over the course of the book as they get to know one another. The conflict comes from the personal struggles Jillian is dealing with, some communication problems and the contusion over their goals, which don’t match. The plot moves smoothly and even though it is not anything particularly new, it does provide a good story for romance fans looking for a light read.


Sarah E. Bradley