Dance With My Heart


Jane Dillon’s job as a bodyguard has its ups and downs. Having someone shooting at her extremely handsome action-star client – definitely a down. Getting involved with him might be considered an up by some people, but it’s just another complication she doesn’t need. And then there’s Danny, her impossibly handsome boss, who seems to think that she isn’t as capable on the job because she’s a woman. Throw in the boss’s family, a crazy stalker and a really inconvenient attraction and you get a recipe for disaster!

Jane is a fantastic heroine! She’s smart, capable and dangerous, but also wounded by her past. It’s great seeing her learn to love again. Danny is good, protective, gentle, loving, and also dangerous. Unfortunately, they don’t work all that well together. While a personality clash can work in some cases, it’s not the case here. Now, that could be overlooked, but then comes the issue of the plot. While thrilling, it lacks cohesion. It’s almost like it’s a series of conflicts that were all put together, without much tying them. As a result it detracts from the overall enjoyment in the book. Nevertheless, it’s still a thrilling ride that will demand the reader stays and sees just how Jane’s story will end!

Ana Smith