Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold


Poor Amanda!  It’s Hell Week at work and her boyfriend Jason has come down with a man cold.  He's so sick, poor thing, he’s staying at her apartment!  She can’t take it anymore; she’s got to do something to get him out.  Enter Christine, her best friend, who invents the SCARE CURE - they’re going to torment Jason until he leaves!  Their tortures run the full gamut – gross food, no TV, no air conditioning – and no sympathy from Amanda.  Christine also starts a blog on their scheme, changing everyone’s names of course, and all of cyberspace is weighing in on Jason’s predicament.  

Unfortunately, Jason doesn’t leave, and Amanda begins to feel bad about how they’re treating him.   What will he do if he finds out about the Cure?    

 “Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold” is a comedic tale of a modern day couple struggling to define their relationship.  The characters of Jason and Amanda are well done, with issues that couples will recognize in today’s dating world.  Unfortunately the “torments” devised by Christine tend drag on and get old.   Once the reader gets past that part of the story, author J.L. Salter makes a great counterpoint to the man-cold and ties the tale together.  It brings their relationship to a deeper place, with Jason and Amanda finding out what’s really important to them, both in a relationship, and in each other.

An clean romantic comedy for fans of old-fashioned "madcap" comedies.

Victoria Z. Burg