Cupid Returns to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch (The Lonesome Buzzard Ranch Series Book 2)


WESTERN: In the midst of renovating his B&B, ranch owner Les Springer finds that he has been neglecting his long-distance relationship to Lilly, a city florist, who just wants to protect her heart. When Les opens his ranch up to host his longtime housekeeper and foreman’s wedding, Eva and Jiggs, he has no idea of the chaos that will ensue especially as people begin to show up for the soon-to-be wedding. With so much going on at the ranch and so many different personalities, will the wedding even have a chance to take place or will hearts be broken forever?

Ms. Roman delves into a world of cowboys colliding with city folk in a lively and entertaining setting. Romance abounds in and around the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch in the form of the many guests who are set to attend the wedding festivities of Eva and Jiggs, both long-time ranch workers. While most novels would have the reader dive deep into the protagonist’s relationship, this one follows the intricate details of the many, many relationships of the guests. Though it can be hard to remember who is dating who, between the sexually charged moments and fun, witty banter there is no shortage of entertainment that will grab and hold the reader’s attention. The surprise addition of a sudden shady character gave just the right amount of added drama to keep one on the edge of their seat. “Cupid Returns to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch” is an absolute delight!

Marie Sanderson