Cupcakes & Chardonnay


Suzanne is happy with her life. Her cupcake shop is doing swell - and that’s all she wants these days. Then Daryle walks back into her life. She never regretted breaking up with him three years ago. Even though she loved him, she couldn’t stand the way he went through life living off his family’s money. For someone like Suzanne who has to work hard for everything, that kind of behavior is incomprehensible.  Now he’s back, with a tempting proposition that goes against her principles, but saying no is simply  impossible.  She must figure out a way to resist Daryle, because falling for him will lead to nothing more than heartbreak.

This is a sweet story about two people given a second chance at love. They make a good couple, their relationship is a solid core of the book. Daryle is a good hero, and it’s gratifying to see just how much he has changed since Suzanne left him, how responsible and mature he has become. Then there’s Suzanne, although her desire for success is great, there is a part of her that doesn’t leave a good impression – after she makes the decision to accept the proposition, she has trouble sticking to it, going over it over and over again, changing her mind (even after it is too late and the bargain is final). Nevertheless, the story is really well done. All in all, a nicely satisfying read that leaves the reader craving some cupcakes!


Ana Smith