Crystal Clear Love


The funeral is the first time since their breakup ten years before that Crystal has set eyes on Mike. She thinks she is over him until she sees him again and the tears pour down her face. Their friend Johnner suggests they get back together, but Mike has news..he’s married.  In name only, but he won’t get a divorce even though he is still in love with Crystal. After the funeral, Crystal and Mike get snowed in at Johnner’s house and Crystal learns about the marriage and falls in love with Mike all over again. They are both torn that they can never have another chance, but Crystal tearfully understands that they must go their separate ways when the snow melts. 


This is a highly-charged piece that will keep the reader in a heightened state of anticipation! The conflict between Crystal and Mike is enchanting, but keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen next. Both main characters are intricate beings with more than their share of baggage. Ms. Koontz has a way with words that enables her to keep her readers on an emotional roller-coaster throughout this novel. The plot has several unexpected twists that take the story in a completely different direction. This is a beautiful piece of an everlasting love in spite of complications outside forces fling at it. This is a must have for any romance reader’s personal library!


Belinda Wilson