Crossroads Corner – The Bendixon Sisters: Book 3


When Camryn Bendixon finds herself in debt and under police suspicion — because of her lying thieving ex-boyfriend — she goes to work for her grandfather's construction company. All she wants to achieve now is to rebuild her life and self-worth at the same time as she rebuilds Bendixon and Sons into the once profitable company it was. 

Will Danson is a single dad who manages the Prince George division of the Kohlenburg Group. His only child, who has lost her sight, is his most precious reason for living. He is determined to provide the best life for her and her special needs. Camryn and Will find themselves competing for construction bids and soon for one another’s hearts.

This is the third in the Bendixon Sisters Trilogy but also stands alone. The author tells a story of perseverance in the harsh reality of the business world, especially one as rough and tumble as the construction business. The love interests are both likeable and swoon worthy. This is a heart-warming love story and there is much to like. However, the personal growth of both characters could do with some rounding off. The author does have a great knack for writing emotions to the extent that when her character hurt, the reader will hurt and when they are happy, well… This is truly a great read!

Cecilia Robins