Crossing the Ice (Ice #1)


NEW ADULT:  Only two spots left for the Olympics. It leaves no wiggle room, but Courtney Carlton is confident she and her pair partner can nab the spot. That is, until the competition shows up - at her rink, working with her coaches! What the flip!?! 

As if it couldn’t get any worse, Courtney finds herself falling for the enemy! Josh Tucker is, surprisingly, nothing like his b-witch sister, and soon Courtney’s daydreams of skating with him - *cough* and more - overtake her thoughts. But she’s been burned before. How can she trust Josh? How does she know their relationship isn’t just an elaborate scheme to steal her Olympic dream?

Fabulous writing. Period. Solid characters, absorbable story, tender romance, great plot lines, panoramic scenes, high emotion . . . “Crossing the Ice” is the whole enchilada. Refreshingly free of stereotypical speed bumps, this story skates expertly from beginning to end. For someone who hasn’t professionally skated herself, Ms. Comeaux does her homework, putting the reader in the race for the gold, and filling them with giddy bubbles of anticipation. “Crossing the Ice” deserves a tearful, hyper wave from the kiss and cry, and a lofty spot on the top tier of the medals stand where it can fist pump and yell: Yes! I did it! Love you, Mom! 

Sofia St. Angeles