Crosscheck (Northbrook Hockey Elite #4)

Rebecca Connolly, Heather B. Moore,
Sophia Summers
Zane Winchester has a reputation for racking up penalties and knocking the competition around the ice, but his fans have no idea he is protecting an adorable daughter at home and hiding a complicated love life. Mara Matthews is living an average life when she meets the father of one of her students and discovers the man that shatters her future plans and makes her want more is anything but average. Zach does not have the best track record with relationships, and Mara knows that he needs commitment. One way or another Zach is ready to find forever with Mara; he just has to convince her first.

The latest addition to this sports romance series, “Crosscheck” can be read as a stand-alone tale or out of order without trouble. A creative take on a boy meets girl contemporary romance, this tale combines a healthy dose of hockey with a new relationship and all its uncertainties, especially with the inclusion of a child. The romance takes initial attraction and builds into a relationship readers might see in their own lives. While the ending is predictably sweet and happy, the overall plot arc and conflict is very minimal, leaving little to really grab on to and absolutely adore. Still, this book has all the heart-warming characteristics of a book fans will enjoy, if only because it feels like such a realistic situation with a believable couple, this story might as well be true.

Sarah E Bradley