Crimson Footprints II: New Beginnings



Lizzie Hammond’s life is as far away from her sister Deena’s fairy tale one as possible. She is living in the worst part of Miami, and she’s a prostitute who is addicted to drugs. But her dreary life gets just a bit brighter when she starts spending time with Kenji Tanaka, a rich architect who just happens to be her brother-in-law. Being with him makes all the wrongness of her life fade away, but before they can have their HEAs they have to fight all those who are impeding their happiness, including themselves.


In the other subplot, we have Tony, an eleven year old boy who shows up on Deena and Tak Tanaka’s doorstep claiming to be Deena’s nephew. He throws their entire lives into chaos.  This also uncovers some things in their lives that need to be fixed so that their life could actually be compared to a fairy tale.

"Crimson Footprints II" is an amazing story dealing with some of the darker parts of life. While the plot itself is awesome, the characters are what make the book shine. Lizzie, whose life is full of heartbreakingly bad things, who finds her happiness. And Kenji, the seemingly happy rich boy, learning to stand up for himself and for the things he wants. Tony, the unwanted little boy who finds his family. Deena and Tak, who learn that in order to make a marriage work, you need to do just that - work, and work hard. Just a warning for all readers: Lizzie has lived through pretty horrific things and they are referenced, for instance she was raped when she was a child. All in all, it’s a turbulent and emotional read filled with incredible characters who will burrow their way into the reader’s heart and refuse to leave!

Ana Smith