Crashing Down (Summer Lovin’ Book 1)


NEW ADULT:  Kathryn Lane is a responsible straight A student who is determined to keep her scholarship. When she takes a summer internship at Stone Cliff Resort she meets a distraction - bad boy Noah Ryan. She knows she should stay away but his smile and dangerous, bad boy ways are just too tempting. 

Noah Ryan may be a college dropout, but he takes one look at Kathryn and knows that she is just like he used to be:  aspiring and motivated to succeed. Then an accident breaks Noah and turns him into an emotional wreck. He does his best to avoid Kathryn, until a co-worker traps him into a bet. Unable to fight the attraction any longer, Kathryn and Noah are completely wrapped up with each other. That is until the truth comes out and Noah must prove that he can be deserving of Kathryn. 

This story is one of love, loss, lies, and angst. “Crashing Down” is truly an emotional roller coaster. Readers will absolutely devour the story of a bad boy and virgin in a summer romance. Kathryn is a respectable character that the reader will cheer for. Noah is a sexy, sweet-talking character that will have the reader reaching for a fan while reading. With a bet thrown into the storyline, parts of the story are somewhat predictable, and readers will be able to guess some of the twists. This story is a perfect beach read, or snuggling up next to a roaring fire on a cold night.

Heather Maguire