Cowgrrl Up: Live (Cougars and Cowboys Book 1)


Kait is engaged to be married, but both she and her ranch are struggling financially. She decides that going to Vegas and the National Finals Rodeo is just the ticket. If she can final, and win some of the prize money, it will help her with all the repairs needed on her ranch. 

Meeting Race Tiago right after arriving is no big deal, she thinks. He is, after all, a player, according to everything she’s read in the tabloids. Besides, Race is engaged as well. Spending time together while in Vegas disproves what she read in the rags, and love blossoms. But will they be able to spend seven months apart to take care of all of their issues, and still feel the love that they found in Las Vegas? Will tragedy and pride destroy true love?

Jen Greyson is the master of sexual tension. She takes a story and makes it burn…slowly. This is a 5 star story, up until the last quarter of the book, where Race’s personality doesn’t match up to the first three-quarters of the book. His actions just don’t jive with how he is portrayed in most of the story. Also, there is really no conclusion between Race and Kait as far as the main problem between them - it’s just instantly concluded with a HEA. Sad, because this book was outstanding up to that point.  Ms. Greyson has an amazing talent, and with just a little tweak here and there, this would be an incredible story!

Lynne Bryant