Cowboy Payback (A Sequel to Cowboy-Fiancé)


WESTERN:  Retired Marine Captain, Brett Brennan, finds himself the victim of his twin brother Finn’s prank. However, since he loves a well-executed practical joke, he goes along with the engineered fake engagement to his former Corporal, Trisha Jennings, who is in denial about the PTSD she’s suffering from her last deployment. To afford Trisha the time she needs to come to terms with her affliction and heal, Brett uses a ruse to keep her on his family’s resort ranch in Colorado. It isn’t long before he realizes there’s more going on between them than a fake relationship. 


Although this fast-paced, contemporary friends to lovers romance is the sequel to “Cowboy-Fiancé”, it stands alone and takes off running from the very first page. Some editing issues need addressing; however they by no means detract from the overall appeal or enjoyment of the book. The smoothly flowing plot, which progresses at a steady pace, and the well-developed characters keep the reader engaged as they follow the protagonists on their bumpy journey to happily ever after. Filled with steamy passion, drama, smoldering chemistry, and humor with an underlying story of PTSD, this well-written romance has one sitting on the edge of their seat while turning the pages rapidly to its conclusion. Ms. Michaels takes a subject that afflicts so many of our military personnel today and transforms it with style, sensitivity, and finesse into a love story that warms the heart and satisfies the senses. Readers of many genres will find this captivating novel a must read and a boon to any book collection.


Janna Shay