Covet thy Neighbor (Granite Cove Book #2)


Olivia Banner’s life as a single mom of twin boys already has too many colliding factors, like working at the bakery and going back to school to find a more solid career, so having a family and an ex-husband constantly butting in on her love-life does not seem to help. And yet, the perplexing new neighbor, Luke Hollister, seems to keep implementing himself in her mind, even with all her distractions. Was it also mentioned that she finds herself extremely attracted to the handsome man of mystery? Now it’s up to Olivia to decide whether to take a chance on a new love or stay with what she knows.

Denise Carbo’s story of the small town, Granite Cove, will have everyone on their toes for the heart-warming connections, passionate kisses, hilarious gossiping, and one swoon-worthy Luke. This novel is full of phenomenal and in-depth details. Even the vivid weather descriptions seem to perfectly foreshadow every scene. Unfortunately, there were a few plot holes in the story - specifically some strings left loose and forgotten, and others that abruptly ended, with little explanation. This storyline does, however, give important breaks between love scenes, so one can watch Olivia flourish on her own, all while infinitely loving her two goofy boys. The connection between Luke and Olivia also seems a bit off at some parts of the story, making one feel like there was a big lack of communication. The reader never really knows what Luke was feeling, until the end. Nonetheless, the tale’s appeal still stands, as it was vastly relatable and beautifully put together. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Carbo has next in store for Granite Cove!

Austen Grace