Cover to Covers


Tyler Moore is a successful CEO of a large oil company in Dallas, Texas. Tyler is known to be a strong businessman and quite the ladies’ man. Divorced twice, he is focusing on work and keeping the company profitable. While at a local hotel for a business meeting he hears of a book convention being held with many authors in attendance. While at the hotel bar, he hears a familiar laugh. It’s his Moe, he has not seen her in 20 years and did not know she was a well-known author. Monique Delome, the love of his life, who left an indelible mark on his heart and  is the one that got away. A chance meeting reveals neither one has forgotten their past and the love they shared. Will this be a weekend rendezvous or their second chance at love?


Ms. Weis sure knows how to create a dramatic love story! This book portrays the love of mature adults in their forties, divorces and second chances that will hit home with readers. The story is told from Tyler’s perspective. The anguish and pain he has gone through is transparent, and shows great depth to the character’s that make up this wonderful love saga. The corporate world and an author’s life are well portrayed and the details of the settings will transport readers to the places described. The daily struggles of a man and how past hurts and loss are carried through depicts an awakening and proves that “Cover to Covers” is a pitch-perfectly written love story!  Add this to the must read list!

Julie Caicco