Covalent Bonds

G.G. Andrews, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Tellulah Darling, Jeremiah Murphy, Marie Piper,
Charlotte M. Ray, Wendy Sparrow, Cori Vidae, Mara Malins

This anthology takes elements from worlds not typically visited in the romance genre: geeks. The authors have each crafted their own story about what happens when the covalent bonding process occurs.

Each of the stories is a bit different and takes readers into the world of gamers, computer geeks, movie freaks, comic lovers and grammarly nerds.

"The Hacked" involves a covert operation with an unlikely operative trying to seduce an infamous hacker.

"Addie-cted" brings us a gamer who invites a stranger and fellow gamer into her home

"Issues" involves a gaming convention where the heroine runs into someone she’s been trying to avoid.

"Spoilers" has us going to the movies with two fans of horror flicks.

"Rogue Trip" features a missed deadline for delivery of important convention merchandise.

"Critical Hit" has two gaming writers hiding behind their characters, trying to avoid connection.

"Classification of Nerd" is an office romance (boss and employee) with some complications.

"Better than Chocolate" has former high school mates (one of them a bad boy) meeting up again at the candy shelf.

"Girl Meets Grammarian" shows two experts on grammar have very different perspectives on the subject at a lecture. 

Overall, this was a refreshing take on romance, proving that nerdy, flirty geeks can be sexy!

Each has its own take on romance and steam. Some of the stories lacked character development and story flow, but the anchor stories (such as "The Hacked") rounded this out to an inventive set. "Covalent Bonds" is the pairing of atoms — and above all, chemistry is ever-present in this anthology.

Layne Lancaster