The Courage It Takes (Courage of Krysset)


Julianna Ferris drops a bombshell at family dinner night. Her mother storms out, her dad is compassionate and her brother is supportive in his own way. The small-town Minnesota lifestyle and her passion for fashion allows her to have her own small boutique. Things seemingly are on track, until she sees Seth at her local lunch haunt. Seth was her brother’s college roommate, and she’s spent fourteen long years of wondering ‘what could have been’ when he suddenly left town and only left a note for a goodbye. Why is he back and what does this mean for her future? Her heart?  How will she share this small town with her past love that never was? Can Seth’s daughter, Ava and Jules keep their friendship afloat when Seth sets up boundaries?

“The Courage It Takes” is a glorious story! It involves second chances, loss of new love and starting over. Ms. Carley has developed very real characters in a small town with layers of history. The portrayal of second chances is a big part of the plot in this book on many levels and involves many of the supporting characters. The small-town vibe is well done, and the family drama that ensues is a topic that many readers can relate to. There is some predictability, however, it will not stop readers from tearing through this story. The emotions will have readers laughing and crying all the way through. This is a stand-alone novel and part of a series that readers should keep on their radar!

Viola Robins