Country Stars in Maple Bay


Myra works hard to maintain the life she has carved out for herself and her children. Running the local coffee shop, Myra is a favorite among the locals. Caught up with personal decisions and running a business, Myra is blindsided. An outsider with money has not only bought her shop out from under her, but he has also her home as well. Fuming, Myra meets the new owner only to learn he’s Sky Ridge, a famous country singer looking for a temporary hideout, or so she assumes. Sky would prefer to steer clear of the previous owner.  However, he can tell there’s something more to this strong-willed, tough woman. His investment may have an original ulterior motive, but he finds himself gaining more from his investment than he planned.

“Country Stars in Maple Bay” immediately strikes a chord of romance and will have readers hoping Myra will see that she hit the jackpot. The story opens with clarity and easily moves forward without skipping a beat. Readers will want to keep turning the pages after Myra and Sky learn more about each other. Brittney Joy weaves a story of two distinct, believable characters who make life decisions that readers can relate to. Kudos for the realistic nature of making decisions when life isn’t perfect. Confusion may occur with slight unclear changes of points of view which may cause pauses in the story’s rhythm. Edits to clean up repetitive words should be considered. Overall, “Country Stars in Maple Bay” is a romance worth reading.

Moira Wolf