Counting on You (Amarillo Sour #1)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Haleigh Parde is content with her life.  She has a great job teaching math, a dog, a house and, although it does not bother her, she is single. Then the invitation to her high school reunion arrives.  Now faced with prospect of seeing her ex once more, Haleigh is desperate to find a date. At his local haunt, the Amarillo Sour, Ian looks on as Haleigh goes on an epically terrible date, and he knows he can help.  As a programmer for a dating app, XO on Demand, Ian approaches Haleigh with a proposition.  Using his app, he will set her up with several potential men and coach her along the way. In return, she will write up a report on her experience for XO’s marketing team.  Accepting his offer, Haleigh is hopeful she will find a date to her reunion, but the outcome is not exactly the match she expected.

In the first book in the Amarillo Sour series, Ms. Chapman introduces two amazing and loveable main characters with a handful of delightful side characters readers will hope to hear from once more.  Anyone who has ever been on a bad date will relate to Haleigh and laugh along with her as she navigates through a slew of wrong men in order to find the right one.  Although readers may guess where Haleigh and Ian will land, it is the journey getting there that makes this story new and exciting.  “Counting on You” is a refreshing, romantic comedy, with characters and a story readers will come back to over and over again.

Amy Cefoldo