Corsica Gate


Being left at the altar, and forced to move back home tends to leave a girl bitter and jaded - which is exactly how Dia Sophia Romani feels when she’s forced to accept a date for her brother's upcoming nuptials. When Carlo Antonelli agreed to being a “plus one” as a favor, he didn’t know what to expect; certainly not an instant attraction!  Carlo is determined to take things slow, vowing to prove Dia's stereotype of Italian men wrong; until she announces her plan for a two week, soul searching, Italian vacation. Can Carlo ensure their future? Or will Dia leave fate to a wish in Corsica?

While one is being treated to the descriptive writings of famous historical attractions, some may become distracted with sensory overload. The pace slows to a crawl upon Dia’s arrival in Italy, leaving a reader to wonder if she will ever arrive at the destination the book is premised on. One may become disappointed in the romantic believability given Dia’s jaded attitude towards Italian men.  Carlo’s sense of ownership after one date, and yet still falling into “I-can’t-live-without-you” love in the span of a week is a good example of the issue. Nonetheless, one can take joy in the well written and authentic Italian-English dialects that are peppered throughout the journey, providing an additional flavor without detracting from a reader’s pacing. Ms. Grant knows how to provide a descriptive read that will have a reader wanting to cash in on a well-awaited Italian holiday!

Stephanie Lodes