Cookie Therapy (Northwest Suburbs Book 4)


When she was growing up, Elizabeth Lambert believed Hoffman Grove to be her safe haven. Spending one month every summer tending the family bookstore and baking cookies with her aunt gave Elizabeth refuge from her neglectful parents. After an unimaginable tragedy leaves her traumatized and suffering the side effects of PTSD, Elizabeth jumps at the chance to leave Texas and return to Hoffman Grove to manage her aunt’s bookstore. When a series of clumsy mishaps puts her face to face with the delectable paramedic/firefighter Matthew Billings, Elizabeth is left feeling more than just grateful. Knowing that life is short, she propositions Matt with a one night stand. But will one night be enough to satisfy her craving? Cookies may be her vice... but Matthew Billings is quickly becoming her addiction.

“Cookie Therapy” is a story of love, courage, and the friends that become family. Fraught with emotion, but with comedic moments that in no way detract from the overall serious tone of the book, Ms. Brandenburg offers a realistic portrayal of PTSD. Complex and multifaceted, each character shows many sides to their personality. Elizabeth is contradictory in the most wonderful way; she’s adorably klutzy and emotionally guarded but assertive and commanding at the same time. Thought provoking and heartfelt, this tale tugs at the heartstrings and immerses the reader in a world they'll be reluctant to leave. Settle in with a hot cup of tea and a comfy chair, because this is the kind of book one could get lost in!


Chantel Hardge