Cookie Collision


The last thing on Alana Drake’s mind is falling in love. That is until she meets Justin, a handsome orthopedic doctor. When the two quite literally crash into each other causing a chaotic scene with a 10-pound bag of flour and a sprained ankle, it's only fair that Justin replace Alana’s groceries and graciously take her to his office to check her ankle. Over the course of a week, Alana and Justin are almost inseparable, sharing many meals together, and sending endearing text messages to each other when they aren’t together. Justin is delighted when he learns that Alana is a real estate agent. However, Alana isn’t as excited to find out that Justin’s mother is also in real estate. Could this possibly destroy their relationship? Competition between realtors can be brutal, and this leaves Alana with quite a few decisions to make.

Follow Alana and Justin as they navigate their cute and sometimes complicated relationship in this very fun and fast-paced story. The reader may be left wanting more, as the characters are a little underdeveloped, and the story itself is not very lengthy. The ending is a bit abrupt, and how quickly the relationship progresses is not very realistic. However, there is enough there to enjoy what the author is trying to portray, a cute and cozy holiday whirlwind romance.  It makes for a lovely and endearing tale, from the couple’s intimate dates, to meeting each other’s parents. Bonus points for the cookie recipe; the cookies that Alana bakes for her clients sound absolutely delicious!

Jennifer Shepherd