Mary-Kate Grant is a career-minded young woman who has chosen to work her way up the ranks in the man-eat-man world of network television. Life suddenly gets shaken up when the network is bought by worldwide media mogul William Cumberland. Handsome and oh-so British, Cumberland flips her world upside down and inside out when he makes her his personal assistant. Neither is looking for love, yet romance has a way of blocking their paths no matter which direction they turn to avoid it. 

The best thing about this novel is the realism. The characters are real people, with real emotions and concerns that create the blocks that must be broken in order for them to accept the love they feel for each other. They don’t communicate well all of the time, making realistic errors, not fairytale mishaps. Granted, William seems almost too good to be true, but through truly reading the entire story the reader discovers that both characters hide behind masks they have crafted to protect themselves from making the same mistakes as those before them. Romance is alive and well within Ellis’s novel, with a very appropriate title connecting a solid thread throughout. The setting, the plot, and the overall design of the novel is solid and true to itself. Whether it is learning to trust each other, dealing with intrusive family members or learning to keep your relationship professional in the workplace, MK and William are delightful and make the story believable!

Penelope Anne Bartotto