Confessions of a Gamer Girl (Her Confessions #2)

Kirsten S.

Maggie is a gamer girl and wishes there were more like her. She is over at her friend Lily’s house for movie night, but her three male roommates are in the TV room, gaming. They don’t want to give up the  eighty-inch TV to the girls. Then Gavin challenges Maggie to a game. They seem to be equally matched, but in the end, Maggie triumphs. Gavin leaves without a word, and the other roommates follow. Later, Maggie wants to put a new filing system on her computer at work, but does not know how. She reaches out to several companies, but no one is available. She learns Gavin works for Muselab, the first company she reached out to. Next thing she knows, Gavin is in her office, putting her dream filing system together for her. It is difficult working with him because he is hot, hot, hot!

“Confessions of a Gamer Girl” is a comedic romance, written so that even non-gamers can understand the gaming scenes. The main characters are delightful; Gavin is modeled after Shemar Moore from the TV show Criminal Minds, right down to his mannerism of saying, “baby girl.” That said, there is no originality to the character because he is so closely based on an existing personality. Lily’s other roommates, Mike and James, are referred to several times and are an integral part of Gavin’s enterprises, but one never knows the difference between the two because they are lumped together. The girlfriends in the story add drama and sisterhood. There are several interesting twists sure to keep readers engaged. A fun romp, one can eagerly anticipate the next installment in this series.

Belinda Wilson