Confessions of a Fangirl (Book 1: Her Confessions)

Kirsten S.

Jen attends a meeting at work and this is when she first spots a new employee. He’s introduced as a new transfer from Denver to the marketing department; Shaun Townsend. All the ladies notice him as he is a ‘hottie’. Jen and her two besties have a standing weekly movie night, tonight the chosen flick is Space Vendetta, which has an amazingly handsome actor that catches Jen off guard. She is so entranced by him she cannot get to her laptop quick enough to investigate all there is to know about him. When Shaun asks her out and they have an amazing date, things are looking up for Jen and her love life… until she gets stuck in a rabbit hole of fandom and things quickly take a turn.

Ms. Blacketer has penned an entertaining read in “Confessions of a Fangirl”. The main character is drawn as the hard working gal, up for promotions until the world of social media and a fan convention take her main focus. Some of the scenes seem disconnected from ‘the real life’ responsibilities, however this makes for an entertaining read. The great family, great boyfriend, great job also makes it hard to believe that Jen almost throws it all away, when the main character annoys the reader, yet the author has done a great job in the character build. This book will give some clueless fans a deeper insight into what happens to some deeply loyal, hooked fans!

Viola Robbins