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The setting: Wynne’s Kitchen, an upscale bakery with a rich sweetness that cannot be denied. The cast: Two people, hurt by love in the past, struck by instant passion in a sugary second. Ben Preston is starting a new job: one that isn’t exactly one hundred percent in his wheelhouse, but he is game for a challenge. Violet Young is a skilled baker with a sharp wit, but eager to please her new boss, Wynne Lansing. Violet dreams to have one day following in Wynne’s personal footsteps. Sparks fly when Violet and Ben meet - sparks of frustration and passion. Which set of sparks will win the war? 


Sweeter than the confection being made, hotter than oven used to bake! Those words sum this novel up perfectly. Man meets woman, woman meets man and they clash. They also have some serious chemistry, which is what makes this book so delightful. Steamy too, because once the buttercream stops flying the clothes take flight, and the sweet loving ends the night. Vi and Ben are electric as far as leading couples go. This is a movie script as is, a perfect mental picture. From the discord that exudes through the past conflict to learning to love and accept being loved, Samantha Anne has created a culinary-themed masterpiece. Every character plays an important role, every nuance is precise, every plot twist is necessary to create this confectionary of literary intelligence. Other authors can only dream of matching the skill presented so deftly here!



Penelope Anne Bartotto