Community Service


Maggie Mitchell’s final semester of college brings a surprise and a blast from the past.  Sawyer Reed, the jock who used to make her swoon, is her new lab partner.  His major is her major, and he still is able to make her swoon. Her disbelief is hard to put aside when flowers await her on their lab desk. He used to make fun of her in high school, but things have all balanced out.  The cocky young football player faces a larger challenge: a skiing accident leaves him in a wheelchair, forcing him to redefine his life and priorities.

Jude Marino is the son of a judge. Blazing a trail toward Hollywood, he leaves girls’ hearts in his wake, and slips into the “Bad Boy” role naturally. Maggie ends up on his radar after she is ordered to work community service hours at a local theatre where he works.  Jude and Sawyer have a conflicted past, and both have their futures set on Maggie.

“Community Service” combines a delicate love story with powerful characters. Ms. Madison has a unique gift and ability to build characters with defined edges. Dialogue can be a challenge when writing, but this author uses it with perfect precision to jump the hurdles in the story. Thinning out the inner voice repetitiveness will show trust in her readers. The storyline is not complex, but it has an overabundance of heart. Cheering for the hero’s courage and Maggie’s maturity beyond her years evolves with the turn of each page. Ms. Madison’s pen has a brilliant future, and readers will look forward to her refreshing literary voice!

Natasza Waters