Colors of the Heart (Opposites Attract Book 4)


When Harper Marquette finds herself alone the morning after a fervid night with Lucas, she realizes she may have made the same mistake as always when it comes to men. Lucas, immediately regretting his decision to leave, can only hope that Harper will forgive him and let him explain. Unfortunately, Harper is determined to protect her heart and instead throws herself even further into her work as an artist and gallery owner.  Upon Harper finding out that Lucas is a widower, she immediately pushes him away fearing that he will never be able to love anyone as he did his first wife. When Lucas discovers that Harper is now renting a spot in his building, he strives to show her just who he really is and why they are so drawn to each other. But will Harper allow Lucas to break down her walls or will she push him away forever?

DK Marie brings sexual tension front and center in this fourth installment from the Opposites Attract series. Each its own standalone, “Colors of the Heart” sees its characters as they struggle with their deeply rooted personal issues regarding romance and relationships. The constant back and forth of hot and cold may leave the reader confused and frustrated while the complex relationship has a lot of potential but isn’t quite there. While the storyline is a bit cliché and predictable, delving deep into the mindset of Harper and Lucas as they wrestle their past demons really draws one into the angst of it all. A perfect afternoon read for a quick getaway.

Marie Sanderson