The Colors of Friendship (Colors Trilogy #1)


Three friends.  One college.  Different dreams. They are focused on achieving their goals.  Melody Wilkinsparents found true love their sophomore year in college.  Certainly, her dream man is right around the Student Union.  Imani Jordan attacks her studies with single-minded focus.  Nothing is more important than earning her chemical engineering degree.  Lance Dunn, football star and ladies man, gets more than he bargained for when he befriends Melody and Imani.  Theyll watch his back, as hell watch theirs, and always be true.  Their loyalty to one another is about to be tested.


The first in a trilogy, The Colors of Friendshipserves as a cautionary tale to women and their friends about abusive relationships.  This book also highlights the importance of friendship. Melody, Imani, and Lance face different obstacles.  Love and sex produce different outcomes.  Resolutions waver.  The bonds of friendship are stretched to the limit. The socially relevant issues are not to be overlooked, but they are relayed in a fashion similar to a made-for-television movie.  Friendships have their unlikely beginnings, but developing this trios foundation would have added authenticity, especially to Lances presence.  Readers need a reason to care for characters outcomes. The story begins with a high-stakes situation, yet quickly changes its tone into the ordinary drama of college life.   The tension returns near the end, but its entirely the readers prerogative to determine whether Melody, Lance, and Omari are compelling enough characters to remain engaged in the story.  


Anna Fitzgerald