Cold Horizon: The Pathway Series Book 2


Mountain climber Lindsey Coulson lost her sister, Allison, scaling the second highest mountain on earth. Time is not healing her grief. She knows she must return to K2, the savage mountain where her sister lost her life. Lindsey manages to join an expedition run by Tyler Galloway.

It has taken a long time for Tyler to obtain the permit from Pakistan to climb K2. He has no problem adding Lindsey to the team, since her reputation as a mountaineer is stellar. He has no idea, however, how much the treachery of the climb, the horrific weather conditions, as well as the demons Lindsey carries with her will test his fortitude, as well as his heart.

This thrilling adventure novel takes us to the tallest peaks in the world, and has us holding our breath, always afraid to look down. The expertly researched story gives the reader a chance to experience an activity most would never attempt. All of the danger, angst, and drama come to life brilliantly, with characters keenly portrayed and fully developed. Love scenes are passionate yet handled tastefully, with a touch of realistic, light-hearted humor. The descriptions of the mountain as well as the logistics of the climb keep one on the edge of their seats and turning the pages. A must read for any lover of adventure laced with spicy romance!

FS Brown