Closed Set


Christopher is a tall, dark and handsome movie star taking dance lessons for his latest movie project. When he meets his dance instructor, Cassandra, who has curves in all the right places, it is love at first sight. She is very professional and to the point, whereas all he can think about is what she does to his hormones. Cassandra also notices immediate chemistry while she is working with Christopher during their first session. Christopher comes on quite strongly and before she knows it, he has completely infused himself into every aspect of her life. Someone is not very happy about that development, however, and Cassie finds herself in dire straits on more than one occasion. Can their relationship survive the jealousy, threats and danger?  


Although this was an entertaining novel, there were several frustrating points that took away from the overall value of the book. Christopher blames himself for all the bad things that happen to Cassandra, and it is an overused cliché that she would be better off without him. Christopher’s constant cursing is appalling. The sex scenes are many and edgy. This novel is not for the faint of heart; there are several scenes where graphic violence against women is described. "Closed Set" will take the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride as Christopher and Cassie help take down some of those in the underworld of the film industry.


Belinda Wilson