Clinging to the Stars


Brendon Roth has big plans to leave his mundane life in Boston and travel in search of adventure. His plans come to an end when his mother is rushed to emergency, and he must stay to help with the family restaurant. He meets Olivia Price by chance and begins to feel like his luck may have changed for the better. When Olivia's health begins to decline and the pressure of her parents and law school become too much to handle, Brendon may just be what she needs. Olivia may also be what Brendon has been searching for after all.

In a light and flowing style, this story gets off to a great start with good descriptions that are easy to visualize. The author’s clear vision of her characters and their traits gives a sense of who they are early on. Brendon and Olivia seem like an unlikely pair to fall in love, and at times Brendon in particular is portrayed too much from a woman's perspective rather than a man's. The insight into his thoughts that helps to develop the overall picture isn't completely convincing as his own. His good nature and dedication to his family do show a deeper level to his character. Olivia is a feisty and strong-willed girl making her rather admirable with all that she goes through. Her focus does not always seem to be the love she feels for Brendon. Compared to his love for her, Olivia’s love for him is a small let down. Yet their first kiss is as sweet as they get, making this a good choice for clean romance and new adult genre readers.

Maggie Faria