Clear As Day

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Kay Browning is quite content to keep her life just the way it is.  Her annual trips in July to the Mohave for inspiration of her paintings work out just fine. She, of course, looks forward to meeting photographer Nate Quinn and his group of friends who also come along so why on this trip does everything have to change? Nate wants more than just summer romances and Kay is not sure that she can give him what he wants. He's ready to put his traveling days behind him and focus on a life with Kay as a permanent part of it. Can she get over insecurities and open herself up to love or will she lose Nate forever?

Kay’s character comes across as a head case from the very beginning making it hard for the reader to really relate to and like her.  She broods and is often melancholy.  It also takes some time to get to know her as the story itself is slow to progress.  Nate, on the other hand, is carefree and very easy to like. He is affectionate and can make a girl's heart melt.  There is a lot of grey area between them even though they get down to sexy business early on and often.  Without some other substantial foundation, this leaves the reader without much of a foundation.  There are unique view points from the group of characters that helps to make things interesting and the ending makes up for any misgivings.  It is full of emotion and takes the story onto to new heights, leaving the reader happy!


Margaret Faria