Clean Breaks (Practice Perfect #3)


Sarah Soon is an OB/GYN doctor — confident and full of herself in all aspects — until she has a brush with cancer.  She beats it, yet it changes her and she is not sure she can ever go back to being herself.  When newly divorced Jake Li re-enters Sarah's life things are even more disturbed.  Her brother's best friend from high school, the two haven't seen each other for years and now both are free to explore the heat that started long ago. Can they each get over the hurt feelings from high school, the family pressure that is weighing on them, and let the heat of their attraction bloom?


This heartwarming story has an original plot, following Sarah as she overcomes her cancer but is left even more vulnerable when she is faced with Jake.  The story has great emotional ties to all the characters, yet some of the problems they deal with are petty and drag the book down.  The betrayal from Jake in Sarah’s heart seems childish and Jake and Sarah's parents are written stereotypically. What comes out through the story is how a person can overcome the big and little things in life and wind up finding the greatest joy and love known. By the end it all comes together and the love story is complete for Jake and Sarah.  Bravo!


Laura Dinsdale