City of Illusions


Laura is unhappy with her career, marriage and her life in general,  so when an opportunity for a temporary job in Rome surfaces she decides to apply. Luck seems to be smiling her way - she gets the position and makes the move with hopes of adding some much needed excitement to her life. Her husband Jake is not as thrilled but looks forward to the break from his own job. When he gets bored very quickly he seeks under the table-type employment but with the wrong kind of people. Nothing seems to be working out as Laura had hoped and quickly begins to wonder if her marriage is worth saving after all.


Laura is an unhappy woman trying to find some last hope to save her marriage; a very real dilemma that readers can sympathize with. Jake is an almost non-existent partner, dull and just unlikable from start to finish. The descriptions of Rome add a large appeal with its cuisine and culture that speaks volumes in this story. There are moments that seem to skip from one scene to another abruptly with a lack of attention to the lesser characters, yet overall it is intriguing and satisfying enough for those willing to escape on Roman adventure.


Margaret Faria