Cinnamon's Courageous Heart (The Sweetheart's of Country Music Book 5)

Ryan Jo

Cinnamon Chadwick, an up-and-coming country singer, is on the verge of attaining her dream. As a fiddler for the all-female band, Lipstick Outlaws, she's busy preparing for the band's big tour and remodeling the farmhouse she bought. Silas Black is the contractor she hires. He's handsome, polite and nothing like her lousy ex-boyfriend. For his part, Silas is attracted to the redheaded singer. While she's on the road, he does his best to stay in touch. At first it's updates about the farmhouse. When Cinnamon comes home, Silas asks her out. Cinnamon enjoys the time together, but refuses to see them as anything other than outings between two friends. When Silas describes it as dating, Cinnamon shies away, unwilling to trust another man. It isn't long before Cinnamon discovers a reason to break with Silas, but with the help of her band sisters, she decides to take a chance on love!

"Cinnamon's Courageous Heart" is a country song played out on the pages that will tug the heartstrings! Readers will enjoy the match of a singer on the road to stardom matched with a local contractor and the instant attraction that develops. This is a slow-building falling-in-love story with a handsome, nice-guy hero who even says grace before each meal. It takes time to recognize the conflict and the stakes never seem very high. The fact that a misunderstanding is at the heart of the breakup makes it difficult to invest in the emotional outcome. However, country music fans will enjoy the dive into this music scene. "Cinnamon's Courageous Heart" spins a tale that will leave readers feeling satisfied and believing in happily ever after!

Tricia Hill