Christmas With You (Due South # 4)


Carly Gatlin has hated Christmas ever since her beloved father passed away. Not wanting to spend the holiday season alone and desperate to belong to a family, she leaves home and visits her stepbrothers on Stewart Island. However, while working in her older brother’s bar, she has to deal daily with Kip Sullivan, the sexy bartender who disturbs her peace of mind. Kip, who moved away from his family, is dealing with his own issues when his family, as a whole, travels hundreds of miles to be with him on Christmas Eve.   

This fourth installment in the Due South Series stands alone, although reading the first three in the series would give the reader more understanding of the secondary characters in relation to the protagonists. A lighthearted and upbeat tale with a Grinchy heroine and a hotter-than-hell hero, this humorous and sexy novel keeps the pace moving smoothly as the story unfolds with characters that are well developed and a plot that is engaging. The relationship between Carly and her brother, West, seemed rushed and needing a little more fleshing out; however, with sizzling chemistry, sweet romance, steamy sex scenes, and witty dialogue, the reader is soon captivated by the actions of the characters. With just the right touch of romance, this heartwarming and witty read entertains from beginning to end and has the reader cheering for the HEA. 

Janna Shay