Christmas at Solace Lake (Book 4 Love at Solace Lake)


Drew Barnes returns to his family-owned lake lodge in Minnesota. He agreed to help with the bookkeeping while his aunt and uncle are off to have twins! His track record recently tarnished his reputation, but his family trusts him, and hopes this will move him past an unsavory scenario. Now working at the lodge, Drew discovers multiple discrepancies in some of the orders and invoices. When food comes up missing from the kitchen, this confirms that Drew must jump into action. Celeste is one of the lodge chefs and lives on site with her daughter, Hope (8). Celeste, who is widowed, has found her new family at the lodge, and a chance to start over. When Drew volunteers to teach her how to drive, a fresh new relationship is budding… or is it? There are hurdles in their way, can they move past them and catch the thief?

“Christmas at Solace Lake” is a wonderful trip into the holidays at a scenic country lodge. The scenes drawn are very picturesque, which allows readers to feel like they have a front row seat to the happenings. The slow burn of a building relationship, and the sleuthing of an onsite criminal keeps the pace of the story rolling. The main characters are strong willed and come through as genuine personalities. Some predictability and the feel of catching up without reading other books in the series may have some at a disadvantage. Overall, this is an optimistic story with the magic of Christmas, and the gift of forgiveness shines throughout. Some sensitive subjects are child bullying, interracial relationships, wounded war veteran, young widow and second chances galore. Welcome to the Lodge, and enjoy all the winter holiday festivities it brings!

Viola Robbins